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  • unbelievable, same location 2 times sold out within 9 months, thanx to our friends, thanx to our fans, thank you Mühlheim, you're simply the best ...
    drums are recorded for our next album
  • Back from my trip to Prague again ... meanwhile drums are recorded for our next album. Max did an amazing job ...

    • drums are recorded for our next album
  • ... merry x-mas
    • Merry xmas
  • ...urgent news for concert-promoters, DJs, press, agencies aso.:
    • The direct line to our press-kit and downloads for concert-promoters, DJs, press, agencies aso. is open now. Feel free to send a message to and you´ll get the link.
    • Press-Kit
  • urgent news:
    • Mr. B(W)illy Limpert is the new 4-stringer in our band, first rehearsals were great. Welcome to the club .....
    • Willy Limpert
  • and here are the official news:
    • Mr. Max „Sethlein“ Rudolph is ToJa's new drummer.
      Welcome and let's rock the world together ....
    • Max Rudolph
  • Breaking news:
    • Saturday, 25.01.2014, ToJa special radio show on Radio Beat, the no. 1 rock staton in Czech Republic at 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm.
      listen at
      enjoy our music
  • 18.12.2013
    • We are looking back to a year full of sensations. A new label, a new album, our first video, first concert after so many years.
      We say "thank you" for your support. We are looking forward what's coming up next year.

      Merry x-mas and keep on rockin' in 2014
  • 13.10.2013
  • 23.09.2013
    • Release-Party is coming up on 07.12.2013 in Offenbach with aftershow-party
      Release Party

  • 14.09.2013
    • BREAKING NEWS----------BREAKING NEWS---------BREAKING NEWS please mark in your calender: Release-Date for our new album "(Sad) Songs Of Hope" 11.10.2013
      ToJa 2013

  • 27.07.2013
    • Here it is: the official Tour-Poster ...if you see it in november or later, we are not too far away :o)
      ToJa 2013

  • 30.06.2013
    • Hier sind wir, ganz aktuell, ready to rock ...
      ToJa 2013

  • 16.05.2013
    • Good news: all previous albums are now available worldwide for download, for example at Amazon, iTunes and of course the download shop from PureSteel Records

  • 12.05.2013
    • Justa little song for all mom's in the world, dedicated to all those who're gone much too soon ...

  • 25.04.2013
    • If you are interested in more informations about the artist Markus Vesper, who painted the cover for our new album, feel free to visit him on facebook. Enjoy ...

  • 13.04.2013
    • Incredible... we didn't expect so many positive reactions ... phonecalls, pm and direct response, we are really happy to see that you love the new cover artwork. Thanks to PureRock and Markus Vesper who made this possible.

      And madness never ends: now you can download our first three outputs worldwide at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, just to name the biggest providers ...

  • 08.04.2013
    • And here the coverartwork for our upcoming new album "(Sad) Songs Of Hope",
      perfect painted from Mr. Markus Vesper himself, thank you so much for your support ...

      Sad Songs of Hope

  • 29.03.2013
    • After Tim's week of "pain and torture" with bleeding fingers and broken sticks now the artist Markus Vesper is painting the coverartwork for our new album.

      Feel free to visit Markus on his homepage:

      Markus Vesper Homepage

  • 01.02.2013
    • and now the official announcement from our label (thanx guys for your support)

      International download is already in the pipe and comming up next, it needs a few weeks, you will be informed right here, stay tuned



  • 22.01.2013
    • Finally here we go ...
      as we already announced last year all ToJa Albums are now available for download in the Pure-Steel Downloadshop, Hopefully misuse and rip-off will come to an end.
      We're quite happy, enjoy the music and ...
      keep on rockin'
  • 16.12.2012
    • Hello,
      only a few days left and we're celebrating christmas, and than the year has gone already.
      A lot of things happened in our little ToJa-Cosmos. We were very pleased and surprised to sign a contract with PureSteel Records, and our decision to go back on stage, it makes me pee my pants. We're really excited and full of anticipation.
      So we wish Merry X-mas and all the best in 2013,
      see you and ... keep on rockin' ...

  • 29.10.2012
    • Bernd "Berny" Pezalla now is an offical member of ToJa ...

      Welcome to the show...

  • 23.03.2012
    • We started posting little stories of our everyday life in facebook.
  • 22.12.2011
    • We wish “merry x-mas” and a happy new year.  

      And don’t forget … keep on rockin‘
  • 24.11.11
  • 06.06.11
    • Sensational. At least for the album „(Sad) Songs Of Hope“ we have received considerable support: Berny Pezalla, mastermind of the band Syder picks the strings and gives additional input. Pictures and more Info are coming up soon…

  • 04.04.11
    • After our move, the studio progress with our new album are quite remarkable. Seven songs are in the box and it is continuing. On YouTube we started to post some of our songs Soon followed by other songs.
      Now the third edition of our first album „First Step“ is sold out. Currently there is no new edition planned.

  • 23.12.10
    • We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Keep on rockin’ …

  • 08.06.10
    • Back in studio ToJa started producing the new album „(Sad) Songs Of Hope“. The tracks are harder and more metal, back to the roots of the band.

  • 18.12.09
    • Merry x-mas and a happy new year from JJ, Ole, Tim und Tommy. Keep on rockin’

  • 21.10.09
    • Now the new album is in stores since 5 weeks, the feedbacks are really fine. International airplay (for example France, Benelux, UK), good reviews in web or magazines (RockHard Nr. 270, 7,5/10), we are a little bit proud and just wanna say


  • 16.09.09
    • The new album “Train Of Life“ is out now - available at your local dealer or via the internet.
      We want to thank our friends at ‘Avenue of Allies’ who perfectly supported us in getting this album out to you.
      First reviews are already in – please see the review section (read and enjoy!).
      On Sunday 27th September 2009 we will perform two songs at the 2nd Offenbacher Fernsehgarten. Berny Pezalla (guitarist with Syder) kindly agreed to help us on that one.

      The show will take place at AWO in Offenbach (Waldcafe) and starts at around 11.00 am. See you there!

  • 11.08.09
    • Countdown is running : Street date for our new album „Train Of Life“ will be September 11th 2009
      EAN : 884502121575 / Katalog-Nr. Avenue 09030004

      Distribution : H’ART (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Bertus / Rock Inc. (BeNeLux), Underclass (France), Soundforge (Greece), Frontiers Records (Italy), Sound Pollution (Sweden), Cargo Records / ARfm (UK)

  • 13.07.09
    • After a long period of silence ToJa is back on track - with an updated homepage, a new album and a new lineup.
      Please welcome Ole on bass and Tim on drums.
      The CD will be released in September. Thanks to our partner „Avenue of Allies“.
      The audio-section will be updated in the next few weeks accordingly.
      Stay tuned for more news!

  • 22.07.2008
    • Some news :
      On sunday, 27.07.2008 we’re performing two songs („Who are you“ and „Belfast“)  at an event called "erster Offenbacher Sommergarten" at the area of  Waldcafe-Hainbachtal. How to get there ? Take a look at and you’ll find detailed informations. This event (11.00 am to 01.00 pm) will be recorded by offener Kanal Offenbach and you can see on tv a few days later.

  • 14.12.2007
    • Some news :
      The pix from our recording session together with the bands Recourse, Ollie Hartmann, Club of Chrome, Twisted Strings and Sheela are online at You can see the show called “Rock & More ... uncovered“ on lokal tv station OK OF/FFM on 25.12.2007. ToJa was supported by Bernd “Berny“ Pezalla and Sascha Siebenlist from the band SYDER  and Andy Ecker. Thanx a lot, guys.
      Merry x-mas and a happy new year, thanx a lot for your support.

  • 18.09.2007
    • And another review, fresh from Melodic Renaissance magazine, japan. I’ve got no idea what this guy wrote down, but 4,5 Points out of 5 couldn’t be bad… here

  • 17.09.2007
    • There’s a new review on RockHard No. 245 and RockHard online, written by Brother Cle, and you can read it here.
      And now we are proudly announcing: Marc Bugnard, the man who mastered our first two CDs now is already working together with us while we are recording “The train of life“ and, Mr. TIM DIERKS is the drummer who will play the drums to be recorded at former Conny Plank Studio. So our sound will get more power then ever.

  • 08.03.2007
    • Yes, we’re still alive. After the flu and some other handicaps we’re back in studio. Breaking news : On saturday, the 31.03. we’re recording two songs of our latest album for a rock-tv-show on a local tv station called “Offener Kanal Offenbach“. The date will be anounced asap.

  • 22.12.2006
    • Merry x-mas and a happy new year, thanx a lot for your support.

  • 30.11.2006
    • Another two new reviews on our page, one from, the other from (online).

  • 30.11.2006
    • 2 new reviews on our page, one from Hardline magacine and one from Rockunited (online).

  • 29.11.2006
    • Big bang: The second daughter is born on 21.11.2006 and JJ is more than proud. Mama, Daddy, daughter Zoe and, of course, Luna, are fine.

  • 28.09.2006
    • Another review, this time from our french neighbours from the Passionrockzine ( You can read it in original french language.

      Nothing new at the moment, we’re still recording the new album and really satisfied with the results.

  • 24.08.2006
    • A new review on �Strutter-Magazin� , you can read it here (in english only)

  • 23.08.2006
    • At first urgent news : JJ can walk nearly normal and is able to drive by car again. Phantastic.

      Our date at Rdio Fortuna was a really funny thing, the man on the mike, Xavier, is a fan of our music and we had a lot of time to talk about past and future of ToJa. Thanx to Xavier again. There will be some pictures from studio RadioBeat and Radio Fortuna comming up soon in our gallery.

  • 15.08.2006
    • New date for our interview at Radio Fortuna is 7.00 p.m. on monday, 21.08.2006. You can listen to the show on cabel 87,9 & DAB frequency LG. Have fun. ��������

  • 14.07.2006
    • Back from Prague with really great impressions from life interview at studio RadioBeat. A fantastic atmosphere with a lot of fun and beer. It�s a really great feeling sitting on the same chair where Manowar, Doro, Kai Hansen and many more stars of heavy metal have been before.

  • 13.07.2006
    • Dear friends,
      there�s a really great review in �BreakOut� No. 4/2006. You can read it here (sorry, in german only).

  • 03.07.2006
      Hucky Reinhardt, now ex-moderator at radio Fortuna told us, that he canceled his job without notice. So the announced ToJA-Special for this evening is canceled too. If there will be a new date, we�ll announce it immediatly. Sorry, shit happens sometimes.

  • 28.06.2006
    • And here 2 important dates :

      03.07.2006, 7.00 pm, we are at Radio FORTUNA studio, cabel 87,9 & DAB frequency LG, 2 hours ToJA-Special with Hucky Rheinhardt. The original line up from �The Spirit of ... ToJA� will be there.

      08.08.2006, 8.00 pm, 3 hours ToJA-Special live from RadioBeat Prague, national on air in Czech Republic, world wide via internet
      The men on mike will be Mr. Honza Hamern�k and Tommy. You can contact them per phone, sms or e-mail. Have fun.

      Also we had some new fotos, and, yes, there�s a new face : Mellie.� Former times she was singing backing vox and finished a duet with ToJA just now.

  • 01.06.2006
    • Today JJ and me are sending a big �Thank you� to our fans all over the world. It�s a really international family for example from Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Iran, South Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republik and of course Germany. Phantastic.
      We would like to have some fotos from you to have a fan-corner on our homepage, we think it�s a funny thing and we�re looking forward to your pictures.

      By the way : LORDI rules

  • 24.05.2006
    • Long time no hear, here are the newest news : The first two songs for our third album �The train of life� are already recorded, very melodic and soulful.
      Sometimes a rock-musician should not try to play football.

      Now the result : JJ has damaged his achilles tendon, that means 8 weeks of� calm and resting on the sofa. How about some wishes in our guestbook ?

  • 24.04.2006
    • Hello, we�re back again after a very very very short trip.

  • 13.04.2006
    • Have a little break, have a little holiday. We�re back on 24.04.2006. Happy easter.

  • 12.04.2006
    • After nearly one year of silence we had some beers together in our new studio when Andy visited us last monday. Now he started a second band called �Can Gurus�and is totaly concentrated� on his job as a guitar player. The best regards from Andy to our fans.

  • 06.04.2006:
    • Incredible. Now we are � CD of the week� at Target-Records. Thank you.

  • 06.04.2006:
    • After being out of print for a while our first album "ToJA-The first Step" is available again and can be ordered. A big 'thank you' to all our fans!

  • 31.03.2006:
    • Second album "The Spirit of ... ToJA" out now.

  • 20.03.2006:
    • Our first album "ToJA-The first STEP" ist sold out for the second time at the moment. We already ordered for a third time. Please be patient for a little while and thanx a lot to our fans.

  • 17.03.2006:
    • from Prague: Radio Beat just confirmed our second shot �The Spirit of ToJA� will be broadcasted in full as well. Pre-orders from czech fans are in already. THANK YOU !!!

  • 16.03.2006:
    • The new CD �The Spirit of ToJA� is due to be released in week 13 so it can ship starting in week 14. This is the latest update from the production plant.

  • 15.03.2006:
    • On march 14th our first release �First Step� was broadcasted via Radio Beat (Czech republic) with the help of our dear friend Zdenek (McQuack) Rampa. Great chap!!

      Zdenek, drummer of famous czech rockband Terra Ignota had put together our complete band history with additional details about the musicians, really great!!

      The show took about 2 hours, feedback was fantastic, very positive!!